Growing together since 1893
Now well into our second century of operation and fifth generation of family ownership, Robinson Lumber Company is a leader in wholesale international wood products purchasing, manufacturing, processing, & transportation, serving customers and suppliers in over seventy countries. We evolve continuously and grow our reputation for experience, reliability, value, and stewardship of our planet’s natural resources.

Mission: our reason for existing, which remains unchanged over time
The fundamental purpose of Robinson Lumber Company is to profitably help our customers and suppliers succeed in the wood products industry, while maintaining our culture as a professionally managed family business where people want to come to work.

Vision: a declaration of our objectives, intended to guide decision-making
Our vision is to be the best lumber company in the world. We promise our customers and suppliers that we will build relationships with them and offer value through experience, integrity, and hard work on their behalf. The greatest compliment they can pay us in return is a recommendation to their own friends. We promise ourselves that we will maintain and evolve our traditions, invest in each other, and remain active in each other’s communities. By maintaining diversity in our people and in our business lines, we will maintain the financial strength to fulfill these promises. Robinson Lumber Company will be an old company always doing new things.

Values: the personality traits that we value in our team members

Passion for what we do
Generosity to help others
Honesty in everything
Courage to speak your mind
Independence to take smart risks
Excellence in our pursuits
Curiosity for new things

Career Opportunities

Join a legacy! Our family-owned Lumber Company boasts a rich history spanning over 130 years. We're not just about tradition; we're also dedicated to leveraging cutting-edge technology to drive our business forward. As we embark on our digital transformation journey, we're seeking an experienced Information Systems Engineer to join our team and lead the charge. Are you a tech-savvy…
Are you passionate about technology? Do the details matter? When you see someone using a spreadsheet, do you want to help them get it into an application? Are you happiest when you're busy? Could you happily spend an afternoon building dashboards? Then keep reading, because we want to meet you. Robinson Lumber Company is a global manufacturing, distribution, and trading company with customers…
Are you interested in a career at Robinson Lumber Company, but can’t find a current job opening that matches your skills and experience? We are always interested to meet new people eager to join our team, especially if you have relevant industry experience. If you’d like us to know about your interest, please apply online and explain your candidacy. (If you have already applied for a specific